Companies which find themselves in a insolvency need to adopt a different type of mentality to that in times of growth. Where short-term survival is the immediate objective the priority must be to have a clear strategy and the experience necessary for its execution.
We have a great deal of experience in bankruptcy cases and we are fully seized of the pressures and the priorities of a business which is in difficulties.

Pre-winding up negotiations

Informing the courts of the insolvency situation in the company along with the initiation of negotiations with creditors with a view to avoiding bankruptcy or to reach an early creditors agreement.

Requesting and dealing with voluntary or obligatory winding up proceedings

The preparation and presentation of voluntary winding up proceedings, the negotiation of a creditors´ agreement or the defining of a strategy for the liquidation of the company.

We seek bankruptcy proceedings for companies as well as individuals.

Defense creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings

Defense and representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings to ensure their interests and ensure the start of actions to reintegrate company assets.