Corporate Criminal Defence

The business of every company is today subject to scrutiny with a fine-tooth comb by the Government.
Our firm specialises in both the prevention of criminal risk as well as assistance and defence in case of involvement in a criminal case.
The most recent reform of the Criminal Law has placed both businesses as well as their administrators, managers and employees under scrutiny due to the fact that there is the possibility of their involvement in criminal activity.
Compliance with the rules and regulations has taken on extraordinary importance at the heart of any business and therefore it is indispensable to be able to count on a team of experts to provide advice with a view to minimising the potential effects of any accusation.

Criminal accusation in financial crimes

The bringing of criminal charges in a case or due to a report on: a) property offences: fraud, theft, misappropriation, punishable insolvency; b) corporate crime and unfair management: c) crimes committed making use of technological media including the disclosure of company secrets and the undermining of the reputation of companies and managers using the internet; d) crimes against intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.

Complex offences with an international aspect

Intervention in complex criminal cases and/or with ramifications in other countries. Criminal defence at the National Court.

Criminal defence of the company and its managers

The criminal defence of the company and its managers in criminal cases. The criminal liability of legal persons.

Corporate Compliance

Design and implementation of programmes for the prevention of criminal activity within the company. Research of criminal offences committed within the company. Training of managers and employees in preventive criminal compliance.