Civil litigation

The settlement of civil or patrimonial legal conflicts requires a high level of knowledge and specialisation. At SLJ Abogados we are specialists in the resolution of highly complex disputes.
Our team of professionals represents our clients throughout the entire proceedings in pursuit of their interests.
We have a broad range of experience in litigation on:

Mergers and acquisitions

Conflicts related to the process of the purchase of businesses, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and business groupings.

Disputes over contracts and claims for damages

Disputes deriving from the non-fulfilment, termination or expiry of civil contracts. Claims for damages as a result of claims for consequential damage and loss of earnings.

Property matters

Litigation related to the acquisition and transfer of real estate assets, disputes between property management companies, holding companies and SOCIMI (Real Estate Investment Trust). Division actions for jointly held assets.

Inherited estates and jointly owned property

Litigation related to wills, actions of petition for and division of inheritances etc. and that related to the dissolution and winding up of jointly owned property.

Financial and banking products

The defence of banking entities subject to legal action in relation to the purchase of financial products by clients (structured products, multi-currency mortgages, swaps, etc.)

The defence of banking entities and their management in criminal proceedings.

The application of overseas sentences.

Requests for the recognition and execution in Spain of judgements issued overseas.