Assistance in foreign proceedings and third party funding

Our firm provides assistance in obtaining finance for litigation and arbitration.
We advise our clients on the evolution, coordination and organisation of litigation or arbitration procedures overseas.

Support and coordination of cases and/or arbitration overseas

We coordinate and direct the legal strategy of our clients in litigation and arbitration cases overseas including the selection of the local legal firm along with the control of legal expenses and intermediation and discussion with the overseas law firm retained to the litigation or arbitration.

Third party funding

We assess your case and negotiate in your name with litigation funds with an interest in financing high value litigation and arbitration. This type of finance consists of the assumption by third parties of all of the costs of the litigation in exchange for a part of any sum obtained in the case of a favourable judgement or award.

This type of financing is available for both arbitration proceedings as well as judicial proceedings although it is vital for the case to have a high degree of probability of success (70% or more), as well as a substantial financial interest at stake (from 3 million Euros upwards).