The Firm

SLJ Abogados is an exclusively litigation firm. Our sole activity is that of the defence of our clients’ interests in civil, commercial, bankruptcy and/or criminal cases.

What is it that makes us different?

Specialists: We are a litigation firm specialising in the settlement of disputes both in court and through arbitration or mediation.

Approachable: We support our client throughout the entire processing of the case and involve ourselves in the client´s problem as if it were our own.

Independent: We have no other purpose than that of defending our client’s interests.

Pro-active: We stoutly defend our client’s interests both in court and during any negotiations.

Selective: We only accept a limited number of cases where our intervention isable to make a difference. If we are unable to help you we will recommend you another firm which may be able to.

International: Our natural environment is that where matters are complex and/or of an international nature. We are used to working with firms and lawyers in other jurisdictions and/or other specialities.

Transparency: Before anything else we will propose a full legal strategy and we estimate the entirety of the costs associated with the case together with the possibilities of success.

Our professional associates.

At SLJ Abogados we have a team of professional lawyers who are specialists in the settlement of disputes, arbitration and mediation.