Commercial Litigation

Litigation between companies calls for the prior analysis and study of the case in question so that a preliminary as well as a legal strategy can be drafted.
Our legal advice covers all stages of the procedure up to the settlement of the commercial dispute.

Disputes between minority and majority shareholders

The defence of the interests of the minority shareholders in limited liability companies. We draft a strategy with a view to achieving the minority intere´s exit by means of a process of negotiation.

Litigation against shareholder´s agreements

Litigation shareholder’s agreements which are contrary to the Law, contrary to the articles of association and/or which are damaging to the company interest to the benefit of one or more partners or third parties.

Agency, Distribution and Supply Contracts.

Disputes in relation to Agency, Distribution or Supply Contracts. Claims for compensation of damages. Claims for client compensation.

Unfair Competition and Defence of Competition

We advise on legal defence in cases which constitute unfair competition including confusion, dishonesty, detraction, the exploitation of alien reputations, the breach of standards and dumping, among others, as well as the seeking of injunctions to ensure the effectiveness of the sentence.

Legal actions in pursuit of claims for damages due to breaches of the rules provided by the Anti-trust Law.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights.

Litigation in cases related to the protection of trademarks along with intellectual and industrial property rights.